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Get “real” biodegradable plastic!

If sustainability and green products are at the core of your product and company strategy then Ecopure - a product from Vasudha Ecofriends Projects Pvt. Ltd. - is the right solution for you.

Globally compliant

Vasudha’s biodegradable plastic products fulfill ISO 15985/ASTM5511 standards and have been tested by labs in USA and India.

Wide applications

Our biodegradable additives can be used with most plastic polymers across products and industries.

Long shelf life

Treatment of plastics with Ecopure additives doesn't affect their shelf life; biodegradation triggers only after reaching landfills.

Safe and economic

Ecopure is Food Grade certified by FDA in USA and CPET in India. Unlike oxo (banned by UK and USA govt.), Ecopure is safe and economic.



Are you looking for “real” biodegradable plastic? Are you a company, which has sustainable and green strategy at its heart (triple bottom line)? Do you think your customers in India and the rest of the world are looking for biodegradability of plastic for a range of polymers from PE to BoPP to PVC to ABS and PET and across applications? Do you think Governments and courts in India are moving towards sustainable and biodegradable plastic as part of the solutions for solid waste management? Are you fed up with trying self proclaimed expensive degradable plastics like Oxodegradable and PLA as biodegradable? THEN YOU HAVE REACHED THE RIGHT SOLUTION